With the recent excitement surrounding the release of the Eleventh Doctor figure, and pre-order enquiries opening on the website soon, Big Chief Studios have given their site a major overhaul.

The pre-orders were due to have been active on Saturday, but unfortunately a server issued scuppered the company’s plans.  Despite some frustration from potential customers, Big Chief Studios constantly gave updates.  Following advice from those posting to Facebook they decided to put the pre-order for the signature figure off until this evening.

More detailed order information has been added to the site (as of 7pm GMT this evening you can order your very own signature edition figure).  But that’s not all, as they have also included their plans for the next steps in the 12″ figure line.  Joining Eleventh Doctor Matt Smith comes the sinister Weeping Angels, and Smith’s predecessor David Tennant.  With the amount of work and detail that has gone into the Eleventh Doctor, these are sure to be remarkable replicas of these TV favourites.

There’s no doubt that these releases will spark further interest in this premium line, although no dates for actual release have been announced.  The Weeping Angel is up next, followed by the Tenth Doctor.

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I'm a copywriter by trade. I enjoy writing, drawing and painting, both digitally and the getting-your-hands-dirty kind.

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