Popping up as the latest exclusive revealed on Forbidden Planet‘s site today, is a figure set based on the Season 18 Doctor Who story The Keeper of Traken.

Yet another December release?

Instructed by the planet’s Keeper, the Doctor and Adric visit the peaceful planet of Traken.  Once there, they’re embroiled in the evil machinations of the Master.  The Universe will never be the same again…

The Keeper of Traken is a very stylish adventure, with a very Shakespearean tone.  From the costumes and set design, to the machinations and plotting of the denizons of Traken, it’s an intriguing story.  One of the most striking things about it is the design of the Melkur.

Thankfully, this set offers up the key elements of this story, with Geoffrey Beevers’ incarnation of the withered Master, and both shapes of his TARDIS in this story.  Not only do we have the aforementioned Melkur, but his grandfather clock too.  Also included is the Source Manipulator.

This figure set is due for release mid-December priced at £39.99.

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I'm a copywriter by trade. I enjoy writing, drawing and painting, both digitally and the getting-your-hands-dirty kind.

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